Dolphin HD Browser Straight into my Top 10 Android Apps is the Dolphin Browser HD. There are a few browsers out there, but they are all makeshift versions of existing browsers, tweaked for the Android platform. Dolphin Browser HD is built from the ground up exclusively for the Android platform.

I have tried the default Internet browser, and even Opera, that traditionally works well on mobile platforms, but when you try Dolphin, you notice the difference immediately. It is the first browser for Android with multiple tabs, and works really well, and utilizes the touch screen capabilities excellently.

It has the normal double tap and zoom, multi-touch pinch zoom, add ons, and my favourite aspect, powerful gesture tools. It has its own set gestures for Refresh, Boomarks, Back and Forward, but you can also set your own, such as creating shortcuts for favourite websites.

Swipe to the left, and you get access to your plug-in/add-ons. Swipe to the right and you get the bookmarks and history. You can see how the whole browser has been designed with the Android experience in mind, and this sets itself miles above any other browser for the Android.
Just get it and you won’t go back.

*Powerful Add-ons support
*Bookmarks Folder support
*Multi-touch pinch zoom
*Multi Tabs browsing
*Powerful Gestures
*Smart RSS Detection
*Colorful Theme packs support

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2 Responses to Why Dolphin Browser HD is THE essential Browser for Android Phones

  1. seophils says:

    Is dolphine browser is only for android? or it is also available for iphone?

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