Is the Galaxy Tab 10.1 the tablet to go up against the iPad 2?

I have high hopes about the Galaxy 10.1 tablet from Samsung. Here at top 10 Android Apps we have been excited about Android Tablets – and have wanted them to be really good and put the iPad in its place. But the iPad 2 changed all that. It re-set the bench mark, and some of the first generation Android tablets have looked dated on release in comparison.

But there is some genuine excitement about the Galaxy 10.1 (and 8.9). 

  • It is a beautiful looking tablet (especially compared to other Android tablets) – s0 can it go up against Ipad 2.
  • Great looking screen – better than iPad 2
  • Nice and thin

There is a lack of SD card, but with a periphal connection to a harddrive, you could store stuff offline – and with streaming from the cloud you might not need to add loads of memory.

Initially released with out the new updated TouchWiz, although updates are now available , and I have seen it working on European version – and it works well. In addition the ability to add peripherals make this really cool.

Check out this early video review – the new TouchWiz does make it look even better than this straight vanilla version.

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