Android Market is HERE

On February 3, 2011, in Top 10 Android Apps, by lordkensal

Android Market placeSo, as suspected Google announced and launched ANDROID MARKET, their web based shop for all things Android Apps. We at Top 10 Android Apps are most pleased.

One of the criticisms of Google in respect of Android Apps, is that all though there are a lot, it all seems a little bit haphazard, and not as organised and ordered at Iphone Apps and iTunes. A part from services like Android there have not been web based shops for Android

While loads of Android Apps are downloaded, Google have found that as a percentage of overall Android Apps downloaded, paid for Apps downloaded cantly smaller than their iPhone apps competitors. Not having an iTunes or App style shop like Apple may have been the reason.

But not anymore. Oh no. Google have got their act together and it is in the form of the sublimely simple ANDROID MARKET. As soon as I heard it was live I went straight to the page. It is clean, and neat and uncluttered. I just logged in with my gmail account, no signing up or registering, found an app I wanted, clicked install – and BAM! within a few moments there it was, on my modest little HTC Wildfire loaded and installed.

I could not believe how simple and straightforward it all is. Well done Google, this Android Market is going to change things.

I have done a (very) rough and ready video review, which I hope to have uploaded soon, so keep checking us out for updates.

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