Android Homecomb Designed For Tablets

On January 6, 2011, in Top 10 Android Apps, by lordkensal

We are very excited at Top 10 Android Apps, and have held off buying a tablet running Android, since the Android OS was designed specifically for the phone.

Well the boffins have designed a new version of Android – Android HoneyComb has a User Interface specifically built for use on tablets. And as you can see from this Preview – this isn’t merely a minor tweak of the existing phone based Android OS, no Android Honeycomb as been designed for tablets – and looks great.

It won’t be long before specific Android Apps for Tablets will be designed, with this OS in mind, and that will produce an entire new Top 10 Android Apps – for tablets.

With the right bit of tablet kit from the PC manufacturers, and this new Android OS – you could have an iPad killer. Bring it on.

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One Response to Android Homecomb Designed For Tablets

  1. Xoom Forums says:

    Agreed, Honeycomb should beat Ipad OS hands down!

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