Amazon Kindle Fire Review

On September 28, 2011, in Reviews, Top 10 Android Apps, by lordkensal

Kindle FireSo here at Top 10 Android Apps we have become very excited about the Amazon Kindle Fire. Just announced (28 Sept 2011) by Jeff Bezos of Amazon. As soon as we can deliver a full Amazon Kindle Fire Review we will, but until then here are our initial thoughts and findings.

Ok, so it is not a full on Android tablet, but its pricing at $199, and the Android Apps available through Amazon App Store, plus all the Amazon content such as books, music, magazines and books – this makes a compelling offering. After all, if you can check email, Twitter, Facebook, surf the web – and consume all that content, and get access to the best of the Android Apps – why would you want to fork out twice as much, when this does (almost) all of it.

With a dual core processor, access to Android Apps, and all that Amazon content you can eat – all for $199, this not only makes it the most compelling color e-book, but could finally be a challenge to the ipad. Think I’m crazy? Bear with me. At $199 and all that it offers (why not as much as an iPad or even a top Android App) – you get far more bang for your buck (pound for pound as they say).

Sure, the poseurs and idiots with more sense than money will still rush out and buy an iPad, “‘because everyone has one!”  (it annoys me that their are airheads out there with their iPads, who only use the thing for reading the paper, surfing the web and checking their Facebook – and nothing else!!) – that is a lot of money to spend just to do that.

At this price level, this could open up a new market in the tablet world, and bring tablets to a whole new market.  The Amazon Kindle Fire promises to fill, and capably, a useful niche between full-featured tablets and color e-book readers.

Kindle Fire

  • 7″ IPS (in-plane switching) display
  • 1024 x 600 resolution
  • Customised Google Android operating system
  • $199 (£130)
  • Weighs 413 grammes
  • Dual core processor
  • 8GB internal storage

Ships in the US November 15. Come one Amazon – You’ve got a buyer in the UK waiting.


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