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On October 20, 2010, in Top 10 Android Apps, by lordkensal

Android AppsTop Ten Android Apps is all about what are the greatest and latest Android Apps in the market. With the dramatic increase in the number of Android devices and Android phones available, finding the best Android Apps can be difficult. We also will keep you up to date on the latest Android devices and Android news. If you are anything like me, then you are probably surrounded by Apple fanboys – desperately trying to resist the marketing hype machine that is Apple. So thank goodness for the arrival of Android and Android phones. Now we to can get all the fun and userability of apps.

So keep keeping following us to find out what we consider to be the best Android Apps

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Android Market Video Review

On February 3, 2011, in Top 10 Android Apps, by lordkensal

So as promised, here is the initial, rough and ready review byTop 10 Android Apps of the new Android Market. Android Apps have been crying out for this, and now at last there is a web based single one stop shop for all our Android needs. And this is where Google have got it right, the ease of use. Find an app, press install, and your Android handset is automatically updated with the new app. Simples. See what I mean here:

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Android Market is HERE

On February 3, 2011, in Top 10 Android Apps, by lordkensal

Android Market placeSo, as suspected Google announced and launched ANDROID MARKET, their web based shop for all things Android Apps. We at Top 10 Android Apps are most pleased.

One of the criticisms of Google in respect of Android Apps, is that all though there are a lot, it all seems a little bit haphazard, and not as organised and ordered at Iphone Apps and iTunes. A part from services like Android there have not been web based shops for Android

While loads of Android Apps are downloaded, Google have found that as a percentage of overall Android Apps downloaded, paid for Apps downloaded cantly smaller than their iPhone apps competitors. Not having an iTunes or App style shop like Apple may have been the reason.

But not anymore. Oh no. Google have got their act together and it is in the form of the sublimely simple ANDROID MARKET. As soon as I heard it was live I went straight to the page. It is clean, and neat and uncluttered. I just logged in with my gmail account, no signing up or registering, found an app I wanted, clicked install – and BAM! within a few moments there it was, on my modest little HTC Wildfire loaded and installed.

I could not believe how simple and straightforward it all is. Well done Google, this Android Market is going to change things.

I have done a (very) rough and ready video review, which I hope to have uploaded soon, so keep checking us out for updates.

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Top Ten Android Apps You Must Have

On October 21, 2010, in Android Apps, Top 10 Android Apps, by lordkensal

Top Ten Android AppsWhen I was compiling my first list of the Top 10 Android Apps that are free, I was thinking about the whole Apple vs Android world. It occurs to me that in this world you are either an Apple Fan Boy, or your not.

For a while those of us not sucked into the Apple hype machine could only  gaze longingly at the wonder of touch screen and the beautifully rendered apps on the iPhone and iTouch.  We had to make do with things like the clunky Ovi store on Nokia  or similar.

However Google changed all that with Android. Now those of us that refuse to be assimilated by the Apple hype machine can get the benefit of cool apps, many of which are identical to the Apple apps.

So let us enjoy and emrace the best in Android apps, knowning there is a viable, and sometimes – dare I say it, better solution to IPhone apps.  

With its thousands of apps to enhance our lives, it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. So for starters here are the first set of Android apps that I have on my phone, before anyother.
Here are some of my Top Ten  Android Apps.


 Social Media – there are a range to choose from, and one needs to have FACEBOOK or TWITTER. I actually have the official FACEBOOK and TWITTER app. But with HTC Wildfire comes FRIENDS STREAM, which combines feed from both of these. In addition I would strongly recommend TWEETDEC – which also combines status updates from both FACEBOOK and TWITTER and allows you to update both at once.

2. Gesture Search

This is an excellent way to write with your finger to find what you are looking in the address book, and easily recognises hastily written letters.

3. Goggles

Great fun, espeically when using to scan barcodes and QR codes, will come up with searches relevant to picture it sees. Pretty cool for doing searches on visual inputs.

4. WordPress

If you like blogging like I do, this is an excellent way to update and add posts to multiple WordPress blogs, and is rendered beautifully for the phone. I can post articles to my WordPress blogs when sitting ont he train.

5.  Bump

This was a great success on the iPhone and is now available as an Android App – and cross-compatible with iphones. You can exchange information such as contacts or even money (via PayPal) – just by “bumping” your device with someone else who has BUMP enabled

6.  Evernote

Great when collating ideas or notes. See a picture of something, take a photo and add it to your Evernote account. Or write some ideas. I use this a lot as ideas and concepts come to me at anytime. With this I can jot down ideas, take voice notes, take photos immediately send to my Evernote account.

7. TomCat

What?!!! I hear you cry. I first saw this on a friends iPad, but it made me laugh. My 5 year old daughter thinks it is hilarious, so keeps her amused. Your own virtual pet. The free version is limited to what he can do, but paid versions have many more amusing animations.

8. Amazon Kindle

This works really well, and when Android tablet devices become more widespread will really come into its own. I have read stuff on my little HTC Wildfire and it works really well, although long novels work less well on a little handheld phone. But it will be superb on the Galaxay Tab.

9 .Amazon Barcode

In a shop, want to see if you can buy something cheaper at Amazon. Scan the barcode and get the Amazon product on your screen and compare prices. Great if you like to check out whether something really is a bargain.

10.  Last.FM

Music on the go. I resent paying a subscription to Spotify, so Last.FM is perfect as it plays the music you like, but it keeps it fresh as you never know what will come up next. But also gives you latest news and gigs for the artists that you are listening to. And it is FREE.

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