Samsung Galaxy S2Is the Samsung Galaxy S2 for Me?

When it comes to Android phones, while I may dream of the top of the range, wallet busting Androids to experience my top 10 Android Apps on, I tend to end up for the low to middle end of the price range. My lowly HTC Wildfire is struggling a bit – so time for an upgrade.

Now the roll out of Ice cream sandwich for the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been announced, nothing is holding me back. More affordable that the HTC One X and Samsung Nexus – I have seen a few people toting the lovely white Galaxy S2. And it looks good. A colleague of mine has recently given up his iPhone 4 for the Samsung, so now I am sorely tempted.

With HD Video recording , 8 MP Camera, dual core processor – what’s not to like!

Check out this great review from T3

What do you think?

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