Glympse for Android Review

On December 5, 2011, in Android Apps, Top 10 Android Apps, by lordkensal

Glympse for Android ReviewGlympse for Android is a definitely one of my Top 10 Android Apps, if only for its simplicity of use and usefulness. Glympse is a great little app that allows you to send your location to anyone via text, email, network. There are no memberships sites, or signing in to accounts. A simple link is sent, and as long as someone has a browser on their phone, laptop or whatever, they just click on the link and they can track your location and position.

You control how long this lasts, and you can add a message as well. This is all done with such simplicity it is what good Android apps should be all about. Whether you are sending a Glymspe home to let people know where you are, or letting mates know whereabouts you are, it is very cool.

I use to let the wife and kids know when I am on my way home from somewhere, and they can track my position on the laptop. The kids love it. Equally if you have a kid/teenager and want to know where they are, get them to send you a Glympse message.

Any how, here is my Glympse Review on video for you to enjoy.

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