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Android AppsTop Ten Android Apps is all about what are the greatest and latest Android Apps in the market. With the dramatic increase in the number of Android devices and Android phones available, finding the best Android Apps can be difficult. We also will keep you up to date on the latest Android devices and Android news. If you are anything like me, then you are probably surrounded by Apple fanboys – desperately trying to resist the marketing hype machine that is Apple. So thank goodness for the arrival of Android and Android phones. Now we to can get all the fun and userability of apps.

So keep keeping following us to find out what we consider to be the best Android Apps

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No Need To Bring A Fruit Machine!

No Need To Bring A Fruit Machine!

One of the most popular genres in Android gaming over the last year or so has been the various casino apps that the big online casino brands have published. So here at Top 10 Android Apps we thought we would look at some of these in more detail.
When I was a kid (in fact, to a certain extent even now) I loved having a little flutter on the old fruit machines. Well now, you can have a fruit machine in your pocket – and I don’t mean Fruit Ninja!! With the increase in phone and tablet power, better graphics – you can get all the fun and excitement of the fruit machine – in your pocket. Ideal for whiling away the time at the bus stop or on the subway etc.

I was watching a funny ad for one particular Fruit machine ad over at where a sad old pub fruit machine was feeling left out of a bloke’s life. (You should check it out. Lol!) But when you think about it, for just passing the time, or waiting for your mates down the pub – having a fruit machine android app in your pocket is a great way to pass the time. Couple of quick games, and you never know, if you’re lucky make back the money you just spent buying the drink as you wait for your friends!

Something like Pocket Fruit is purely fruit machines (or should I say slot machine to be more accurate!) – and a lot of them. Other apps that offer a fruit machine element tend to be broader casino apps. That is why I like the apps like Pocket Fruit, which tend to be dedicated to just the fruit machine, with loads of the classic games you will see in pubs and arcades. There are loads to choose from. Yes there are lots of other slot machine style apps, if you are interested in more them I came across a great blog that reviews them over at

I am not an advocator of gambling, but having a little flutter now and then can be fun, and playing for real money just makes it a little more exciting. Just search for “slot machines” over at APPBRAIN and you will see loads of choices.

So if you are bored of Angrybirds, Fruit Ninja and Amazing Alex – then how about adding a bit of effortless fun by installing a fun fruit machine in your pocket. Remember – keep it fun! Now where are my 3 lemons!!


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Looking for an Android Watch Phone

On December 3, 2012, in Top 10 Android Apps, by lordkensal

Who Wants an Android Watch Phone?

An Android Watch phone has to be every geeks dream (a part from the Apple fan boys!). The idea of being able to get all your status updates, delivered to your watch sounds much more convenient that having to get your smart phone out. I’m constantly checking for updates and emails etc.  With an Android watch, I just need to glance at the watch, and see whether the updates are important. Hey, I can even make an call with an Android smart watch. Although you probably look a bit weird and “Dick Tracy” like talking into your wrist.

Pebble and i’mWatch

There have been vague attempts to make smart watches, and some larger brands like SONY offer a blue tooth smart phone BUT what could really set the market a light are the offerings from 2 new companies Pebble watches and i’mWatch. The reason is that both these companies have put a lot of design thought into their offerings, and the results are some really cool, sleak looking watches. These watches have a desirability about them that sets them a part from being pure technical geek offerings.

Pebble Watch

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So I have been thinking about some of my favourite Top Ten Android Apps for 2012, and looking through various blogs and there top choices – so here is my pick of the bunch that I have selected for this week that are worth considering.

Evernote Food

Evernote is a very popular app, and the Evernote Food app will be too as it helps you remember the food and meals you enjoy. If you’re eating out at a restaurant or a friend’s house the Evernote Food app will let you take photos of the food you love so you can save it for later or show it off through various social media channels. If you’re into eating or just enjoy taking pictures you can check out Evernote Corps Evernote Food app for fre…More at Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – June 11, 2012 |






If Google ever releases a native Android app for their Tasks service, it would probably look a lot like GTasks. There are tons of to-do managers for Android, but few have the simplicity and Ice Cream Sandwich stylings of GTasks. If you are looking for a to do list app that synchronizes with your Gmail account, give it a try.

More to follow



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Samsung Galaxy S2Is the Samsung Galaxy S2 for Me?

When it comes to Android phones, while I may dream of the top of the range, wallet busting Androids to experience my top 10 Android Apps on, I tend to end up for the low to middle end of the price range. My lowly HTC Wildfire is struggling a bit – so time for an upgrade.

Now the roll out of Ice cream sandwich for the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been announced, nothing is holding me back. More affordable that the HTC One X and Samsung Nexus – I have seen a few people toting the lovely white Galaxy S2. And it looks good. A colleague of mine has recently given up his iPhone 4 for the Samsung, so now I am sorely tempted.

With HD Video recording , 8 MP Camera, dual core processor – what’s not to like!

Check out this great review from T3

What do you think?

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